In 2006, Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis entered the St. Louis real estate market, a market that had been dominated by traditional real estate companies for decades. At it’s core, Keller Williams was an experiment for the real estate industry. Founded in 1983 in Austin, TX, Gary Keller set out to create a revolutionary company — one that put agents first, shared the decision making and profits with them, and created transparency through an open book policy and a culture of sharing.

We entered the St. Louis market during a time of major upheaval for real estate — the residential real estate bubble of the early 2000s had burst. We had one strategy that mattered most — training. So while our competition focused on market conditions, we took the opportunity to create the most highly trained sales force in the St. Louis area. Our results have been staggering. In just a few years, we became the number 1 real estate office in Agent Count. Shortly thereafter, we gained number 1 status in sales units. And this year, we became number 1 in sales volume. This is the real estate triple crown!

I grew up in a real estate family. Through my years of passionate involvement in the business, I’ve been a mortgage broker, a developer, a rehabber, a custom home builder, a sales agent, and a broker. Today, I focus my energies on serving the agents of Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis as we continue to outpace the St. Louis market and gain market share.

Our vision is to be the real estate company of choice for St. Louis. We focus all of our efforts on training and consulting our agents to greater levels of success. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to seize the unprecedented opportunity of today’s market. We know that the strongest enterprises are drive by top talent, and our growth strategy is completely centered on getting in business with the very best people in the real estate industry in St. Louis and the surrounding communities.

-Russ Nolting, CEO